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Twin Skins

Lisa Nigro


Mixed Media Sculpture
Austin, TX

20" x 8" x 38"
bronze window screen, thimbles, hair pins, copper wire

A commentary on sexuality and gender issues with respect to woman’s body and purposeful use of traditionally feminine objects — This piece acquires its strength through its ability to look like clothing and a nude simultaneously. The female body takes on a jacket-like quality which makes the sculpture appear androgynous. I used bronze window screen material in the place of fabric or dress patterning paper, and copper wire instead of thread. Interestingly enough, the material’s industrial quality doesn’t speak of masculine rigidity. The application of hairpins as a substitute for pubic hair and the use of thimbles as nipples assist the piece in achieving a soft, light, and feminine quality.

The inside and the outside of woman are implied by the two skins, which are not in fact twins, but of differing sizes. Both of the torso’s chests appear to be torn open, so the viewer is able to look into one wound to see another wound, yet the viewer can also see right through both of them, since the skins are made of screen. I acknowledge a split between the inner and outer self, as well as the psychic reality which is normally in conflict with the mask which conforms to social expectations. The inside (smaller torso) wants to come out, but the outside (larger torso) is stopping it.

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