Lisa Nigro : Installation & Performance
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DIANA: Fertility Goddess as Sundial
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Gnomon Sketch

Sundial Sketch I

Diana: Steel & Mud
12' x 7" x 11'

Diana: Close Up

Strapped with Fireworks

Diana: In Progress

At Sunset

Goddess Crew
Tanya Story & Danny Umstead with Lisa


Sketch for Gnomon

Sundial Sketch II

Tip Toes off Boom
Placement of Goddess

Diana: In Progress
Mudding Her
STILLS from Fertility Goddess Performance
Choreographed by Lisa Nigro, with assistance from Seraphina & Afi Shepherd-Staley.
Thank you to ALL the wonderful women who helped create this performance.


Afi the Phoenix

Horned One pouring water


Sue yields her fire sword


Kelek with Molly & Sue

Kelek swallows Sword!


Seraphina ignites the Goddesses' Yoni

The Fertility Goddess bursts into flames

Seraphina our Star Swinger!
AFTERMATH of Fertility Performance & Burn      

Remains of Diana
Day after Performance
Faded Time Lines of sundial in background

Day after Performance

Surreal Lady
Diana: One Week after Performance & Burn



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