Lisa Nigro : Mobile Sculpture
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DRAKA the DRAGON 1st Place : Best Art Car 2005
Everyones Art Car Parade Houston, TX

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downtown Houston

New itsy-bitsy City Wings


Entrance to Belly of the Beast

Parade Girls on Top

New pretty things...



At Everyones Art Car Parade Houston, TX - May 2004

Lisa and Draka
Photo: Flynn Mauthe

Draka at Art Car Ball
Thursday Night - May 6, 2004

Draka Downtown
Friday Night - May 7, 2004

Draka on Bridge Downtown Houston
Saturday - May 8, 2004
Photo: Flynn Mauthe

Draka at the Art Car Museum, Houston
[Wings clipped for city dwelling: 22-ft high > 13-ft]
Sunday - May 9, 2004
photo: Lisa

Detail: Head

Draka leaves the Desert...

Draka Wrapped for Departure - Nevada
April 24, 2004

1st Truck Loaded
April 24, 2004

2nd Truck Loaded
April 24, 2004

Draka Arrives Houston
April 30, 2004

DRAKA at Burning Man Art Festival
Black Rock Desert, NV - August 2003
Draka BM03
Draka cruising across the playa
photo: Bucky

Draka Tail
photo: ~M

Draka with her new facelift!
Details added to face & neck after loss from fire in 2002

Draka with Couch
photo: Bucky

Draka with Storm

Draka at Burning Man
124' x 8'6" x 25'
Mixed Media Mobile Art Installation

DRAKA at the Burnin'Bush -
4th of July 2003
Adobe Flats Playa / Blue Wing Mt. NV


Draka Soars at Burnin'Bush
Front View

Back View
Photo: Tryntje Rapalje

Draka with Lego Jeep 

Onward to our next Adventure!
at Burnin'Bush
photo: Craig Morse

Lisa & her pack-o-dogs

Draka & Lego Jeep

Side View
Photo: Tryntje Rapalje

Draka at Sunset

Draka Flame
at Burnin'Bush

Draka Screamin'
at Burnin'Bush
photo: Craig Morse


DRAKA refurbished after Fire
- 2003
Interior & Details

Inside the Beast's Belly
New Chandelier, Curtains & Paint

Detail: Inside the Beast
New Chandelier, Curtains & Paint

Looking out back of Belly

Detail: Back Bench 
DJ Car

New Chez-Lounge 
Behind the driver's cockpit

Interior of Belly

Lookin'Out the Belly 
Detail of door & bench

Side Window  
Bar Car

Dragon's Treasure Chest 
Front of DJ Car

Doors to the Beast's Belly

Detail: Doors 
Back of Belly
Detail: Doors
Back of Belly

Detail: Benches
DJ Car

Detail : Side of Bar Car 
Scales cut from recycled 55 gal steel drums & recycled cedar shingles

Detail of DJ Car

Detail: Back Bench 
DJ Car

Rebuilt after Fire 2002
The first car carrying the head, neck, and wings burned to the ground on May 14, 2002. The skin, neck, head and wing structures were cut off the old Ford Econoline box truck and welded onto a newer Dodge Tradesman. *Note damage to neck and blackened scales at back end, under the wing.

Photo: Bruce Damer

Breathing Fire!
AFTER the Fire of May 14

Draka the Dragon 2002
Back/Side View

Draka Soars!'

Lookin' Down Her Spine

Draka & Dahud-Ahes 2002
photo: Charles Evans

Draka the Dragon 2002
photo: Chad Estes 

Draka the Dragon
Rebuilt after Fire

Exterior Detail

Draka the Dragon 2002
View of BAR CAR Interior

Draka the Dragon
Looking out of BAR CAR


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