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Lisa Nigro


Austin, TX

13" x 8"
hand painted with mixed media and gold leaf; series of ten.

This print is divided into three panels, the top inhabits the upper, conscious realm, while the two lower panels represent the subconscious realm. I chose three specifically to represent the spiritual houses of the self. In the upper half, relations between man and woman are explored. A couple stands next to woman’s menstrual flow. It is the ebb and flow of woman’s moon cycle that controls the desires that ultimately bind the two together. Sometimes this binding, or bonding, is restrictive and the opposites naturally progress toward struggle. Nothing is ever easy and woman must learn to become a warrior at heart in order to rise above her base desires. This warrior woman in training is holding a dagger and clothed in green armor. A gold triangle ties the three selves of woman together; the all-seeing wise woman with the third eye is linked to the spiritual warrior, and also linked to the generic looking woman holding a man, experiencing love on the physical plane. The bloody, mummy like androgynous figure represents all of woman’s struggles with love, with man, and with desire. She seeks to find a balance through her three selves, through the golden triangle.

The lower half of the print embodies the subconscious and the world of hidden secrets. Man is portrayed as submissive, caving in to his animal urges. He is on his hands and knees, crawling head first into the uterus at his right. He is literally trying to get back to the womb, but is actually heading toward a medical diagram of an abortion procedure. A strange cycle has taken place, one that may not be uncommon to woman and man in our culture. Woman acquires knowledge just as biblical Eve had when she first ate of the fruit. To her surprise, the “awakening” isn’t what she had expected. Emptiness consumes woman and occupies the space between her and man, until finally she feels nothing – or rather something like a dark empty hole. She is back to the very place from which her desires had originally stirred.

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