at BM 2002 plus pictures of Draka Burnin'
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Rebuilt after Fire
July-August 2002
The first car carrying the head, neck, and wings burned to the ground on May 14, 2002. The skin, neck, head and wing structures were cut off the old Ford Econoline box truck and welded onto a newer Dodge Tradesman. *Note damage to neck and blackened scales at back end, under the wing.

Photo: Bruce Damer

Breathing Fire!
AFTER the Fire of May 14

Draka the Dragon 2002
Rebuilt after Fire

Draka Soars!

Draka at Sunset

New back door 2002

Draka the Dragon 2002
View of BAR CAR Interior

Draka the Dragon 2002
Looking into DJ CAR from
Bar Car

Draka the Dragon 2002
Looking out of BAR CAR

Draka the Dragon 2002
photo: Chad Estes

Draka the Dragon 2002
Back View


Lookin' Down Her Spine

Draka at Sunset
Photo: Jim Breitrick

Detail of Draka Scales

Exterior Detail

Draka Side View
Mixed Media Mobile Art
112' x 10" x 25'

Draka & Dahud-Ahes
the Mermaid tail
photo: Charles Evans




Welding Accident Causes Fire May 14, 2002
photos by Matthew Ebert

Sad Dragon
Hualapai Valley, Nevada
Black Rock Station

Gates of Hell on Fire!
BM Work Ranch

Fire Swirlin' inside Draka's Belly


View from Above

Underbelly Burnin'

Draka takin' it

Gas Tank Explodes!

Black Smoke fills the sky

Front End Burnin'

Tires are Poppin'

Final embers burnin'

as the sun sets...

The Mornin' After Draka Burnin'
photos by Lisa

May 15, 2002
Cool colored Scales!
No more tires...

No more Belly...
of- the-Beast!

No More Doors
to heaven or hell...

Sad Dragon

Crispy Hood

May 15, 2002
Broken Neck

Lovely Colors
Looking into the Belly

Burn with a View

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