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Funeral Procession

Lisa Nigro


Mixed Media Installation
Austin, TX

6’ x 5’ x 3’
clay, gauze, chicken wire, latex, fabric, paper bags, and candles

An expression of my feelings toward my grandmother’s death, and thoughts regarding the traditional Catholic funeral — Unlike Spread Eagle, this work contains no elements of black humour, nor is the twisting of social conditions evident. This piece reflects upon the death of my grandmother, Rose Nigro, for whom I’m named. This is a somber and meditative piece in which my religious upbringing is made apparent. By intersecting the coffin-like plane with two rows of lit candles (luminaries), I suggest the presence of a cross. The torso sits at the end of the slab like one might perch at the end of a diving board, awaiting the nerve to take that cold plunge into the depths of unknown waters. Headless and legless, with chest torn open, the female mid-section maintains a classical, yet weathered, and mummified appearance. 

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