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Diana of Ephesus

Lisa Nigro
Designer/Director Choreographer


Working Sundial - Installation and Performance
Black Rock Desert, NV

10’ x 7’ x 12’
Steel, expanded metal, clay, fireworks, wood, found objects
— Burning Man Art Installation Grant.

A twelve-foot tall Goddess stretched back in an ancient birthing position. By day, Diana served as a gnomon for a larger than life working sundial with the tip of her crown casting a shadow to reveal the time of day. By night, she served as a centerpiece for an all woman performance Nigro choreographed. The dramatic igniting of the Fertility Goddesses' yoni was the climax of the event. Through the performance Nigro aimed to convey a message about patriarchal structure and its relentless destruction of the environment. By re-igniting a worship of "mother earth" she hoped all would partake in an initiation of global healing. As fireworks exploded, flames engulfed the Goddess. Her mud-clad skin baked and hardened as her steel structure crumbled from within, causing her to collapse to the ground. This symbolized for Nigro both the historical struggle of God vs. Goddess worship, and the facade of patriarchy vs. the lost HIStory of women and matriarchal cultures worldwide. The process of creating and destroying the installation was documented on video and in a hand-made book.

"I am the Mother without spouse, the Original Mother; all are my children, and therefore none has ever dared to approach me; the impudent one who attempts it shames the Mother - and that is the reason for the curse." Goddess Artemis Diana – Ephesus, Turkey


Seraphina La Kerosina: assistant choreographer
Afi-Shepherd Staley:
assistant choreographer
Kelek Stephenson
Sue Glover
Molly Rachet
Asrai Deyo
Margit Gallanter
Horned Girl

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