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Breast Harnesses

Lisa Nigro


Wearable Art and Go-Go Girl Performance
Austin, TX

sizes vary
latex, leather, rivets, pad-locks & keys

The making of the Amber Forest, and work with Linda Montano led to the construction of these wearable art pieces. Like the Amber Forest, this piece concentrates on the ideas behind aging, but it is also a satire on the importance of body image in America. Not only do I comment upon the aging process, but I also manage to make aging look sexy. The combination of leather and latex associates this work with objects found in sex shops and use in the sex industry, while the message conveyed is both serious and funny. The viewer can’t help but think of a dominatrix when viewing a woman wearing the harness, but what is she doing here in a public gallery, dancing instead of punishing for pleasure? In combating ideals placed before me by mass culture, I have forced the viewer into a quandary of wanting and not wanting to look at these women in these absurd costumes.

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